Connection Issues

Make sure to first contact the support volunteers (Settings → Ask a question), in case there is some known routing issue. Also they will tell you the specific target IP.

Telegram needs to investigate connection issues. Here are a few important questions:

  1. Do other apps work OK?
  2. What exactly is happening? (always 'connecting…' / always 'updating…' / seems ok, but messages are not sent / not delivered, etc.)
  3. At what time did it start? Is it still happening?
  4. Is this happening all the time or sometimes?
  5. Does this happen with all Telegram apps — or just on one of your devices?
  6. Does work?
  7. The problem happens on Wi-Fi, on mobile connection or in both cases?

It would be helpful if you send your IP address — for the network with the problem and a Traceroute - to Telegram support.

IP address

Here's how you can find it:

  1. Open the browser on the device and go to (you can use any other site that shows your IP as well).
  2. Copy the large number from the middle of the page and send it to the support team (Telegram Settings → Ask a question).