Secret Chats from A-Z

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See here the difference between Cloud and Secret Chat.

  • Telegram for iOS
  • Telegram for Android
  • Telegram for Windows Phone
  • Telegram (native macOS)

Telegram Desktop and Telegram Web do not support Secret Chats at the moment.

Search is done server-side on Android, so it does only work for Cloud Chats. Secret Chats are end-to-end encrypted (not possible for the server to dercrypt them) and currently the apps do not support client-side search.

Secret chats are canceled for both users only if the chat is deleted manually or if one of the users involved in the chat logs out.

In this case the chat appears canceled to the other user (still in the chat list, not possible to write).

If the app data are deleted or the app itself is uninstalled, the other user involved will still be able to see the Secret Chat and write in it, even if it is not existing anymore. All his messages will be shown only one tick, and the user who deleted the app / app data will never get those messages.

This is true for any app. Telegram does not know that the user deleted or reinstalled the app, so Telegram can't do anything.

Since February 2016, it's optionally possible to enable link previews in secret chats. Telegram for Android has a setting in the Telegram settings. If you enable it once, the setting will be hidden. In case you want to disable it for all secret chats again in the future, you need to reinstall the app and give up your existing secret chats. Logging out (which kills the secret chats as well) is not enough.