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Secret Settings in Telegram Desktop
14 Sep 2020 Desktop (Lite) 554 0

Open Telegram Settings and then type in one of the following commands:

videoplayer: switches between internal and external video player

debugmode: enables/disables debug logs. All network events will be logged if this mode is active..

viewlogs: opens the folder where debug logs were saved.

registertg: registers tg:// URI scheme

export: exports your data

freetype: changes font engine on Windows and macOS


msg_incoming: changes the sound when a new message arrives

call_incoming: changes the sound of incoming call

call_connect: changes the sound of connection call

call_outgoing: change sthe sound of outgoing call 

call_busy: changes the sound of busy call 

call_end: changes the sound of end call 

sounds_reset: resets all custom sounds