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Voice and video calls (General info)
15 Aug 2020 Calls 230 0

Before a call is ready, some preliminary actions have to be performed. The calling party needs to contact the party to be called and check whether it is ready to accept the call. Besides that, the parties have to negotiate the protocols to be used, learn the IP addresses of each other or of the Telegram relay servers to be used (so-called reflectors), and generate a one-time encryption key for this voice call with the aid of Diffie—Hellman key exchange. All of this is accomplished in parallel with the aid of several Telegram API methods and related notifications. 

The Telegram Voice and Video Call Library uses an optimized version of MTProto 2.0 to send and receive packets, consisting of one or more end-to-end encrypted messages of various types (ice candidates list, video formats, remote video status, audio stream data, video stream data, message ack or empty). 

Peer-to-peer in calls (voice and video calls) is controlled by the setting in the App 'Calls' menu (Privacy and Security → Calls).