Account deletion

What happens after account deletion?

  • You will be automatically logged out of your Telegram clients.
  • Username and the phone number of the deleted account is immediately available to reuse.
  • If you recreate the Telegram account with the same phone number, the internal ID will change. The account will have the same phone number, but will be a fresh new account with a different unique ID.
  • Telegram Desktop (Windows) will still show the old account's display name, even after restarting the client. The name does not change to DELETED / Unknown / Hidden Name, etc. This is at least if you had a previous chat history with the old deleted account. If you relogin, the name will show as blank (no name at all). Other Telegram clients may display deleted accounts as DELETED / Unknown / Hidden Name, depending on the client and language / translation.
  • Your last seen status will display "Last seen a long time ago" in modern clients ("offline" in very old clients).
  • You can still type to a deleted account, but the messages will never be received by the Telegram servers. They will always show a clock icon, instead of 1 check.
  • Bots created from a deleted account are deleted too and their usernames become available to reuse.
  • Groups and channels aren't deleted and stay orphaned (no one gets privileges of the creator).

Automatic Account Deletion

Automatic account deletion is a setting in Telegram, where if a user does not use Telegram for a specific duration, the user's account will be automatically deleted.

Automatic Account Deletion Settings

Telegram Settings → Privacy and Security

Inactive duration can be set to:

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months (default value)
  • 12 Months


  • Automatic account destruction was introduced on November 19, 2014.
  • Users on older clients must update their client to change the account destruction setting.
  • Account destruction setting defaults to 6 months, if the user has never changed the setting.
  • So for instance, with the default setting, after 6 months of inactivity, the user's account will be automatically deleted.