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On this page, you can see an overview of Telegram's monthly updates with new functions. Now compare them with Whatsapp's and Facebook's features and you will easily realize that many of their functions were added after Telegram had them for months or even years. The Facebook group seems to have an excellent marketing department, so media makes it look like WA/FB's new functions are unique. Some examples needed? Did you know that the read status is available in Telegram since the very first day (2013)? Whatsapp added it 15 months later. Unbelievable, isn't it? Another one: Telegram added 2-step-verification April 2015 to protect their users. Whatsapp added it two years later. Another good example is the desktop client. While Whatsapp still lacks a real independent client (all they offer is a desktop wrap to connect to your phone since 2016 -.-), Telegram offers a native multi-platform client (Windows, Linux, and even macOS) since February 2014 and, of course, you can turn your phone off.

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Date Short Description Other Messengers
March 200,000,000 Monthly Active Users
March Sticker Search, Multiple Photos, and More
February Streaming and Auto-Night Mode on Android
February Telegram Login for Websites
January Telegram X: Progress through Competition
January TDLib – Build Your Own Telegram


Date Short Description Other Messengers
December Themes, Multiple Accounts and Quick Replies
November Albums, Saved Messages and Better Search
October Live Locations, Media Player and Languages Whatsapp: 7 days later
September Better Replies, Stickers & Invitations
August Instant View Now Available for 2274 Websites
July Disappearing Media, Your Bio & More Speed
July More Speed and Security! (CDN)
June Supergroups 10,000: Admin Tools & More
May Video Messages and Telescope
May Payments for Bots
May Instant Views for Everyone & a $200K Contest
March Voice Calls: Secure, Crystal-Clear, AI-Powered
February Custom Themes
February Telegram for Android Wear 2.0
January Telegram Desktop reaches version 1.0 – and it's BEAUTIFUL
January Unsend Messages, Network Usage, links and more Whatsapp: 10 months later


Date Short Description Other Messengers
December Meet the Telegraph API for Logins and Stats
December Pinned Chats and IFTTT Integrations Whatsapp: 4 months later
November Instant View, Telegraph, and Other Goodies
November First BotPrize Winners Get $200,000
October Gaming Platform 1.0 Facebook: 1 month later
September Photo Editor 2.0, Masks and Homemade GIFs
August Trending Stickers, Storage and More
August General info: Keep Calm and Send Telegrams!
June Drafts, Picture-in-Picture, and More
May Edit Messages, New Mentions and More
April Instant Camera and More 3D Touch
April $1,000,000 to Bot Developers. For free.
April Bot Platform 2.0
April Sharing and Previews
March Supergroups 5000: Public Groups, Pinned Posts
February Channels 2.0 and More
February Info: 100,000,000 Monthly Active Users
February Info: 15 Billion Telegrams Delivered Daily
February Voice Messages 2.0, Secret Chats 3.0 and... WA: Previewing VM's 23 months later
January Introducing Inline Bots


Date Short Description Other Messengers
November Admins, Supergroups and More
September Channels: Broadcasting Done Right
August Shared Links and Recent Searches
August Info: 10 Billion Telegrams Delivered Daily
July In-App Media Playback and Search in Chats
July Info: A DDoS in Asia Pacific
June Telegram on Apple Watch
June Telegram Bot Platform Whatsapp: Text formatting 10 months later
May Custom Sticker Sets
May Info: Telegram Hits 2 Billion Messages Sent Daily
April Places, Captions and more
April Migrating Existing Group Chats to Telegram
April Link Previews
April Active Sessions and Two-Step Verification Whatsapp: 2 years later
March Sending Files On Steroids — And More
March Reinventing Group Chats: Replies, Mentions, Hashtags and More Whatsapp: @ mentions 7 months later
March MOAR Stickers!
February Info: Growing Telegram Together
February Photo Editor and Passcode Lock
February Info: Crypto Contest Ends
February Info: BlackBerry Contest Results
February Shared Files and Fast Mute
January Open Sticker Platform: Stickers Done Right


Date Short Description Other Messengers
December Info: $50,000 Blackberry Contest Extended
December Telegram Desktop Adds Compact Mode
December GIF and Image Search on Android
December Info: Telegram Reaches 1 Billion Daily Messages
December, Changing Numbers and PFS
November GIF Search and More Whatsapp GIF search: 26 months later