Todoist is one of the best to-do list app. Did you know that you can use Todoist with Telegram? Since Todoist doesn't run an official bot, you need to use a third party bot. One of the recommended ones by Telegram is the @IFTTT bot. Create an IFTTT account on → connect with Telegram, connect your Todoist account and save time.

Usage examples

Create a new task via Telegram

Send a message to @IFTTT starting with 'Create task' to create a new task in Todoist. E.g. 'Create task Call grandma to wish her a happy birthday'. Here's a link.

Send new tasks with a specify label into a Telegram chat

Try the label "Telegram" — when you make a new task with it, the details will be sent to the Telegram chat of your choice. Here's a link.