Channel invite spam

Iranian users reported on the internet that their Android Telegram app is constantly spammed by channel invite advertisements. This is caused by some third that send these Telegram channel invite links, which subsequently get opened inside the Android Telegram app. Uninstalling such 3rd party apps prevents them from spamming such advertisements.

Third party apps causing invite spam

Here is a list of possible apps that might cause this channel invite spam issue:

  • کیبورد هوشمند فارسی (smart persian keyboard)
  • Mobo Telegram
  • Broken Screen
  • Sms Center Final
  • تلگرام پارسی (Third party Telegram client in Persian)
  • Picture Maker
  • خلافی
  • Control System Service
  • Keyboard Pro
  • موبوگرام (package name : "ir.SaeidRiyahi.Mohammad")
  • ماهواره جیبی
  • مکان یاب شماره موبایل
  • Reha free VPN
  • مرجع دارو و بیماری
  • ماریو
  • BrainAge
  • Keyboard Android
  • عکس نوشته ساز
  • مورتال کمبات
  • تیکن ۴
  • کیبورد حرفه ای
  • استیکر نام ها