Apple Watch from A-Z

How to install the Apple Watch App?

You need to have Telegram installed on your Phone and have at least iOS 9 / Watch OS 2 on your Watch.

If you respect these requirements, you will be able to Install Telegram on your Apple Watch.

Open “ Watch ” App on your iPhone, scroll to the bottom and you will see “ Telegram ”.

Press on it and enable “ Show App on Apple Watch”.

The app will be pushed to the Apple Watch, and you will be able to use it.

You can also set up to 8 custom replies which will be shown when you will reply from Telegram on the Apple Watch. You can set them up in the Telegram Settings on iOS → Apple Watch.

P.S. You need the watch to be connected to your iPhone in order to use Telegram.

Can I apply a custom translation?

This is currently not possible. It will be possible in the watchOS 2 version, but not in its first release.

Telegram Watch App just hangs

Please do not reinstall the app if it hangs. You can just kill and restart it as shown here: This way the Telegram iOS developer team can get an useful crash report if the app is crashing.

Is watchOS 1 no longer supported?

Apple released watchOS 2, so watchOS 1 is no longer supported by Telegram. You need to upgrade your watch via the Apple Watch app > General > Software Update. To upgrade to watchOS 2, you need iOS 9. See for more information.

Are Secret Chats supported?

Secret Chats are not supported on the Apple Watch.

No notifications on Apple Watch

Please check if you have notifications enabled in the iOS Telegram app. If they are disabled, no notification is displayed on the Apple Watch either.