Hiding last seen / Online status

You can set who can see your 'last seen time' in Privacy and Security settings.

You won't see 'Last Seen' timestamps for people with whom you don't share your own. You will, however, see an approximate 'last seen' value. This keeps stalkers away, but makes it easy to see whether a person is reachable over Telegram.

There are four possible approximate values:

  1. Last seen recently: covers anything between 1 second and 2-3 days
  2. Last seen within a week: between 2-3 and 7 days
  3. Last seen within a month: between 6-7 days and a month
  4. Last seen long time ago: more than a month (this is also always shown to blocked users)

As you can see, these stages are not clearly separated, so you cannot calculate much from this data.

Your online status is only shown to those people that can see your last seen. If you don't share your last seen with them, they will only see you 'Online' when you're typing a message to them — or just sent one.

This is wrong and should be updated. (e.g. Android/iOS is different)

The normal last seen status is shown with approximate time (not the exact Hour:Minute) but something like X minutes ago / Y hours ago.

For Minutes, it shows “X minutes ago” from 1 minute → 59 minutes.

For Hours, it shows “Y hours ago” from 1 hour → 1 hour 59 minutes. After 59 minutes, it goes to Y+1