What happened with broadcast lists?

Channels replaced the limited broadcast lists.

Is there a demo channel?

Try @telegram, the official channel by the Telegram team. Subscribe to it to get the latest news.

How do I create a channel?

  • Android: Pencil icon in chat list → New Channel.
  • iOS/macOS: Icon for 'New Message' in the chat list → New Channel.
  • Windows Phone: Chat list → + → New Channel.
  • Telegram Desktop: Pencil icon in search input field → New Channel.
  • Telegram Web: Not possible at the moment.

Who can see the members list?

The channel creator and the channel administrators can see the member list.

I was added to a channel. Was that a spammer?

If you open the channel, it will display who added you.

Can I add people by their username?

Telegram Desktop and Android allow adding users by their username to channels. If you are using the mobile apps, you can only add mutual contacts (phone number needs to be exchanged and saved) and it works only if you are the channel creator. Then you can add up to 200 (the value may change) members directly. If you want to add more, share the private channel invite link or create a public channel.

What's the advantage of having a public channel?

Public channels have an easy to remember URL ( and they appear in Telegram's global search.

Sure thing. If you want to hide your channel, you need to create a private channel. Public channels are meant to be found.

How many channels can I create?

  • Private Channels: You can create as many private channels as you want.
  • Public Channels: There is currently a limit (around 5). The limit may be changed anytime by the Telegram team.

Can I forward channel messages?

Yes, channel messages can be forwarded, this affects the counter.

Is the counter real time?

Seems, it's currently not updated in real time. Give it a few minutes to update automatically.

The counter is wrong

Telegram counts views from the same person again after a significant amount of time (several days at the moment).

Can I edit posts after sending them?

Yes, up to 48 hours after sending the message.

Difference between the creator and the Administrator(s)?

The creator can publish and remove broadcasts, add and remove admins, add members, add and change the channel profile image and change the name of the channel. He's the boss and can even kick members and delete the channel.

Administrators are able to send broadcasts, remove members and remove their own broadcasts.

When I join a channel what does the creator / administrator see?

The creator and the administrator can see your public infos:

  • Your profile pic
  • Your display name

Is there an admin limit?

The current limit seems to be 50. As all limits.. they could change anytime.

Is there an official channels store?

At the moment there is no official channel store. But if you search for telegram channels in some search engine you should find the first fan pages.

Can I delete messages if I am not the owner or administrator?

It's not possible to delete messages as a channel member. Administrators can delete their own messages. Group owners can delete all messages.

To compare it with groups (in very easy words):

Group: Every user has it's own “mailbox” where he can delete all messages, since it's his own “mailbox”. When someone sends a message in the group, every user in this group will receive the message in their own “mailbox”.

Channel (no matter if public or private): There is one big “mailbox”, there are no copies of these messages for every user in channel. When author of the message deletes it - it will be gone from all user devices.

How are auto downloads handled and how do I clear the channel cache?

If you join a channel, old media will not be downloaded from it automatically, only media (images, voice messages) which are displayed on the screen will be downloaded. If you turn off your device for e.g. a week and there are hundreds of messages with photos, the app will download only some of them (last 24 hours on Android, other devices download only the media which is visible on the screen) and will erase the old messages cache.

To delete the channel cache you can go to Telegram Settings and check 'Cache Settings' to clear the cache.

If you leave a channel, its creator will be able to invite you back only if this user is your mutual contact. That is, only if the creator has your number, and you have theirs. So be careful.