Telegram Desktop on Windows 10

Telegram Desktop on Windows 10 supports Native Windows Notifications (which are displayed in the notification center of Windows)

Those kind of notification are generated by Telegram Desktop, but are managed by Windows.

Sometimes, these notification may appear in the notification center even if read, and will disappear only if manually deleted. This will happen because those notifications will be “unlinked” from Telegram Desktop (Telegram Desktop won't be able to delete them)

This seems a Windows 10 bug, so, at, the moment, nothing can be done to avoid it. → This was fixed from version 0.9.7 beta, while migrating to QT 5.5.1 / Visual Studio 2015 instead of 2013 (which has a better support for Windows 10)

Windows 10 and Telegram Desktop doesn't change sound devices when the default device is changed in Windows

Telegram Desktop is using OpenAL library and developer is not sure how he can make it respect the default device changing.