1. Download the latest Telegram Desktop portable version from
  2. Extract the .zip file and put the file telegram.exe into a new folder, e.g. on your flash drive or in a folder on your desktop
  3. Run telegram.exe and it will automatically create sub folders

Done. You are now using the portable version.

What does it mean? Let's say you created a folder on your desktop called telegramdesktop, then you could copy/move the telegramdesktop folder to another storage device and run the telegram.exe from there. All local settings are saved.


Theoretically the -many -key parameter should work but the Telegram Desktop developer does not recommend it.

Here's how it could work: Create two shortcuts and launch Telegram Desktop with parameters.

  • -many -key data_paul
  • -many -key data_paula

On Linux perhaps it requires launching through command line and many instances (“-many”) with the same key will lead to message loss in either of instances etc. Regarding to the Telegram team it was more a for-debug feature.